Foxtailing Strains 2022. With Pictures and Statistics

28 October 2021

Article Highlights

  • The tendency to foxtail is most common among tropical sativas
  • Some varieties, like the Trainwreck family, are notorious foxtailers
  • Some of the “purple” or “blue” genetics may tend to foxtail
  • Even if a strain is prone to foxtailing, not every phenotype will foxtail on you
  • Even “normal” strains may foxtail as a response to heat/light stress
  • The 11/13 light cycle increases the expression of foxtailing genes, too
cannabis flowers with calyces looking like a string of pearls
This Devil Cream Auto is an example of extreme foxtailing.

In a separate article, we talked about the reasons your buds may foxtail. The usual suspects are heat and light stress. It means that either your plant tops are too close to the lights or there’s been a heatwave that raised the temperature in your growing space.

In yet another post, we also mentioned that keeping your photoperiod strains under 11/13 in flower may result in foxtailing. It’s because foxtailing is a sativa trait and the 11/13 light cycle leads to the expression of sativa traits.

And sometimes you have absolutely no control over foxtailing because it’s genetic. So, if you hate to see your buds foxtail, avoid the strains in the list below. And if you want to grow foxtailing weed, prepare to be patient. When growing cannabis from seeds, you’ll see several phenotypes in the same strain and not all of them will foxtail.

I have personally seen foxtailing in my grow room on a few occasions, but for this post, I needed a bigger sample. So I did a thorough search through the Growdiaries community to find marijuana strains that foxtail more often than others.

Foxtailing in Sativa Strains

You have bigger odds of seeing foxtailing if you grow strains that are pure sativas or have a very high percentage of sativa genes in them. A good example is any strain with “Haze” in its name.

Mature flowers of Dr Grinspoon looking like strings of pearls
A close up of a Super Lemon Haze bud with a spire on top and bullet-shaped calyces on the sides
A view of a grow tent with huge foxtailing colas and a closeup of a cola with many spires
Thin tapering tops of very frosty buds
Two Acapulco Gold buds: an indoor and outdoor one, both showing mild foxtailing
Mature swollen buds with signs of foxtailing
Closeups of cannabis buds with huge swollen calyces
A gloved hand holding a huge, mildly foxtailing marijuana cola
Very mild foxtailing on fat and dense marijuana buds

Dr. Grinspoon (Barney's Farm) © Growdiaries

Super Lemon Haze (Green House Seeds) © Growdiaries

G13 Haze (Green House Seeds) © Growdiaries

Hawaiian Snow (Green House Seeds) © Growdiaries

Acapulco Gold (Barney's Farm) © Growdiaries

Laughing Buddha (Barney's Farm) © Growdiaries

A.M.S. (Green House Seeds) © Growdiaries

Tangerine Dream (Barney's Farm) © Growdiaries

Neville's Haze (Green House Seeds) © Growdiaries

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Frankly, it’s not always clear if sativa buds are foxtailing or not. Sativas often have thin, spear-like colas. Or the buds may explode in every direction, become very fat but remain spongy at the same time. So, there were quite a few borderline cases, but I tried to do my best. Here are the results.

Strain, Sativa/Indica
None Mild Strong Extreme
Dr. Grinspoon, 100/0
Barney’s Farm
1 6 9 2
Super Lemon Haze, 70/30
Green House Seeds
16 6 4
G13 Haze, 80/20
Barney’s Farm
8 4 1
Hawaiian Snow, 80/20
Green House Seeds
3 1
Acapulco Gold, 70/30
Barney’s Farm
13 3
Laughing Buddha, 80/20
Barney’s Farm
19 3
Super Silver Haze, 70/30
Green House Seeds
4 2
A.M.S., 40/60
Green House Seeds
1 2
Tangerine Dream, 60/40
Barney’s Farm
20 2
Neville’s Haze, 90/10
Green House Seeds
Pineapple Haze, 30/70
Barney’s Farm
2 1
Arjan’s Haze #3, 70/30
Green House Seeds
4 1

The Trainwreck Line

Whenever people start to discuss foxtailing genetics, the name “Trainwreck” pops up every time. Indeed, I managed to find a couple of examples where Trainwreck buds foxtail in a big way.

Extremely long spires on Train Wreck autoflower
Many protruding shoots on K-Train colas
Long spear-like marijuana bud with many white pistils

Train Wreck Auto (King Crop Seeds) © Growdiaries

K-Train (Green House Seeds) © Growdiaries

Dark Ghost Train (Rare Dankness) © Growdiaries

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Unfortunately, I only found a few grows, so the sample is very small. Anyway, these are the results:

Strain, Sativa/Indica
None Mild Strong Extreme
Train Wreck Auto, 60/30/10
King Crop Seeds
2 1 1
Green House Seeds
1 1
Dark Ghost Train
Rare Dankness
1 1
Trainwreck Auto, 55/45
8 1

Purple or Blue Genetics

When I was searching for foxtailing strains on Growdiaries and on different forums, I was surprised to see foxtailing in such varieties as Blue Cheese, Critical Purple Auto, and Devil Cream Auto. All these strains don’t have much sativa in their DNA, but they’re all purple.

Then I asked myself what comes to mind when I think of purple buds. Well, I picture them either bloated and loose, or with huge dense calyces that shoot in every direction and almost resemble bullets. And sometimes purple buds look like a bunch of grapes or even a string of pearls.

Buds looking like a bunch of frosty pearls
A purple weed bud with many fat tapering offshoots
A weed bud untrimmed and displaying very strong foxtailing and the same bud trimmed
Two different foxtailing colas: one with several side spikes, the other with a spear-like top
Big and lumpy purple buds before harvest

Devil Cream Auto (Sweet Seeds) © Growdiaries

Dark Devil Auto (Sweet Seeds) © Growdiaries

Black Cream Auto (Sweet Seeds) © Growdiaries

Blue Cheese (Royal Queen Seeds) © Growdiaries

Purple Punch (Barney's Farm) © Growdiaries

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Well, it’s just a theory of mine that many purple genetics tend to foxtail. You can check it yourself, and below, you can find a few examples. Please note that Sweet Seeds Devil Cream Auto turned out to be the second most foxtailing strain in our review. And both of its parents—Dark Devil Auto and Black Cream Auto—have this tendency, too.

Strain, Sativa/Indica
None Mild Strong Extreme
Devil Cream Auto, 20/80
Sweet Seeds
10 5 2 3
Dark Devil Auto, 60/40
Sweet Seeds
9 7 1
Black Cream Auto, 5/95
Sweet Seeds
11 5 1
Blue Cheese, 40/60
Royal Queen Seeds
5 4 1
Critical Purple Auto, 0/100
Growers Choice Seeds
14 2
Purple Punch, 10/90
Barney’s Farm
29 4

That’s it for now. Later, I may add other genetics to this list. And if you have encountered foxtailing strains in your grows, please share in the comments.