Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most popular and highly sought-after strains in the cannabis community is Skywalker OG. This hybrid strain is known for its potent high and unique aroma, making it a favorite among both recreational and medical users. In this guide, we will explore the key characteristics, genetics, effects, and growing tips for Skywalker OG.


Skywalker OG is a hybrid strain that is created by crossing the classic Skywalker strain with the well-known OG Kush strain. The result is a balanced hybrid with a strong Indica dominant genealogy. Skywalker OG inherits its strong sedative properties and potent high from OG Kush, while the Skywalker strain contributes its sweet and earthy aromas and flavors.


Skywalker OG is a medium to large plant that has a bushy structure and a high yield. The buds are dense and covered in sticky trichomes. They have a deep green color with an orange hue and are adorned with bright orange hairs. The aroma of Skywalker OG is a unique combination of sweet, earthy, and piney scents. The taste is similar to the aroma, with a sweet and piney flavor that is smooth on the palate. The average THC content of Skywalker OG is around 27%, making it a highly potent strain.


Skywalker OG is known for its potent high, which is a result of its high THC content. The high is balanced and relaxing, making it a great strain for unwinding after a long day. The Indica dominant genetics of Skywalker OG provide a strong body high that is relaxing and sedative. This makes it a great strain for those who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. The Sativa genetics of Skywalker OG also provide a cerebral high that is uplifting and euphoric. This makes it a great strain for those who suffer from depression and stress.

Growing Tips

Skywalker OG is a relatively easy strain to grow and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The plant is resilient and can handle changes in temperature and humidity, but it does best in a warm and dry environment. It is important to provide adequate space for the plant to grow, as it can become quite large. Skywalker OG is a heavy feeder and will require regular feeding and fertilization to achieve optimal growth and yields. The plant has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks and can yield up to 600-700 grams per square meter. In outdoor cultivation, it can reach a height of 2-3 meter and can yield up to 800-1000 grams per plant.

Overall, Skywalker OG is a well-rounded strain that offers a unique aroma, flavor, and high. Its potent sedative properties and uplifting euphoria make it a great choice for both recreational and medical users. Its balanced genetics and easy-to-grow nature make it a favorite among both experienced and novice growers. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing evening or a creative boost, Skywalker OG is the perfect strain for any occasion.

Where to buy the best Skywalker OG

WEEDKB, an online magazine dedicated to cannabis, has compiled a comprehensive list of hemp online stores where you can purchase the Skywalker OG strain. We have gathered all the essential information and pricing details to make it convenient for our readers to find the best option for themselves. It’s important to note that the listed price reflects the cost of the minimum available packaging size offered by each store. If you want fast delivery from the USA, these two stores are perfect for you:

Herbies USA Express

Herbies USA Express is an ideal choice for anyone in the USA who is looking to buy high-quality cannabis seeds online. The shop offers a wide variety of strains, and the prices start from as low as $16 per seed. This makes it an affordable option for those looking to cultivate their own marijuana plants. Herbies Head Shop also accepts a variety of payment methods, making it easy for customers to make purchases using their preferred payment method.

One of the most impressive features of Herbies USA Express is their fast and reliable delivery service. They offer shipping within the USA with delivery times of up to 3 days. This makes it a convenient option for those who need their cannabis seeds as soon as possible.


ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) is an online retailer that specializes in providing high-quality cannabis seeds to its customers. It’s important to note that ILGM only serves customers who reside in the United States. The store offers a diverse range of seeds, including autoflowering, feminized, and medical strains, all of which are of exceptional quality. ILGM also prides itself on its fast and reliable shipping, ensuring prompt delivery of orders. If you live in the United States and are looking for a dependable source of premium cannabis seeds, ILGM could be an excellent choice for you.

  • Skywalker OG Feminized (ILGM) – Unlike strains born in a distant galaxy with parents who embraced the dark side, this strain was created by crossing two well-known strains, Skywalker and OG Kush. The result is a potent and enjoyable hybrid with a predominantly indica profile (80%) and a subtle sativa balance (20%). Notably, this strain boasts exceptionally high THC levels, with a potency of up to 26%. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for experienced smokers seeking a new and challenging high. In fact, it is one of the most potent strains available, making it an ideal choice for those who want to test their tolerance.

If you need worldwide shipping and cheap seeds, you can buy in one of these stores, we have also selected the best hemp seeds for you Skywalker OG , read on to find out more.

Herbies Seeds

Herbies Head Shop is a popular online store that caters to both seasoned and new cannabis growers. They offer an extensive range of high-quality cannabis seeds, CBD products, and smoking accessories at competitive prices. Their worldwide shipping service makes it easy for customers to purchase products from anywhere in the world. Herbies Head Shop stands out for its exceptional customer support. They provide great assistance and advice for novice growers, making it easier for beginners to start their cannabis cultivation journey.

Here are some of the best products we found in Herbies Head Shop’s assortment:

  • Skywalker OG Auto (Barney’s Farm) – is a must-try strain that promises both speed and quality in its yields. A favorite of cannabis enthusiasts, this classic strain has been given an update with the benefits of autoflowering traits. With its Indica-dominant nature, Skywalker OG delivers a potent and soothing high, making it an excellent option for relieving stress. The strain is also renowned for its out-of-this-world buzz that’s perfect for unwinding at night.
  • Skywalker Haze (Dutch Passion) – a Sativa-dominant strain, delivers a happy and carefree high that lasts for an extended period. Its potent effects can stimulate new and creative ideas, making it a popular choice for recreational users. Additionally, medical patients who suffer from stress, anxiety, and chronic pain may also find relief with Skywalker Haze. With THC levels hovering around 20%, Skywalker Haze is an incredibly potent strain that can take users on a trip to a galaxy far, far away. Its high THC content has also helped it to establish itself in the competitive cannabis breeding industry.
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Please note that the use of hemp and its products may be illegal in some countries, and you should check local laws before using this information. Also, note that hemp seeds can only be used for industrial and agricultural purposes and not for growing plants with high THC content.