If you are looking for a real deal, try our exclusive offers from seed banks, which we recommend. On this page you can find free cannabis seeds or discounts.

Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds is one of the best online stores with a wide range of quality seeds. In it you can buy cannabis seeds and place an order with delivery around the world. Herbies Seeds Bank offers more than just a wide range of products and high-quality service. This store holds promotions, gives free seeds with each order and various souvenirs. You can also get discounts for paying with bitcoin in 5-10% and find promo packages to make your purchase of cannabis seeds profitable:

  • Original Sensible Seeds has been growing and selling cannabis seeds in Newport, South Wales for over two decades. You can find such promo packages as 3+1, 5+2 and 10+4. Lern more.

  • Advanced Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that offers the most popular genetics and affordable prices. Their popular cannabis varieties are Jack Herer and White Widow. This sidbank has promo packages of 3+1 and 10+3. Lern more.

  • Pyramid Seeds is a Spanish seed producer, has its own unique genetics and is known for its legendary kannbaisa varieties. Get free seeds with each package. Lern more.

  • Sweet Seeds is one of the most popular Spanish seed banks. Bred in 2006, it has about a hundred varieties, some of the strongest varieties that have high yields, every gardener should appreciate it. Specially for you promo packages 3 + 1 and 5+2 by link. Lern more.


The second store that we recommend is MSNL. You can also order cannabis seeds with worldwide delivery. These guys hold various promotions in their store. You can get a 15% discount when paying with bitcoin, also use our promo code WKB-MSNL1 and get another 15%.


ILGM Seed Bank. This is a breeder and shop for cannabis seeds. He secretly delivers orders to the United States. On their website you can find super promo 10+10. The online store offers customers the best hemp varieties that are suitable for growing in different climatic conditions.