Growing marijuana is cheaper and you get high quality

1. Why You Should Grow Your Own Cannabis?

Grow your own cannabis and don't pay any extra money.

There are many reasons to grow marijuana by yourself, and in addition to convenience, quality, and other advantages, we can highlight its incomparably low price.

The average price for a gram of cannabis is about $20, so it is clearly not a cheap treat. But if you spend a little effort and time, you can reduce your costs by as much as 20 times, which will have a great effect on your budget.

Yes, if you are growing weed on your own, it becomes incomparably cheap, and can cost as little as $1 per gram. You don't have to pay for middlemen, shipping and other stuff.

There' s no need to think that the initial investment will be huge: all the beauty is that you basically need water, soil, and some sunlight.

Our company, WEEDKB - Weed Growers Knowledge Base, has already helped many people learn how to grow cheap weed, and our advices and recommendations will allow you to harvest great marijuana with minimal expenses, whether you do it in your apartment or in your house.

Weed Cultivation is Simple

Even if you're a beginner, you won't have any problems growing it. Marijuana is a pretty undemanding plant, unless you choose a difficult sort in the very beginning.

The highest quality weed is the one you grow with your own hands

Besides the low cost, another great advantage of growing your own weed is its high quality.You can't really know the conditions under which it grew, what fertilizer was used, or what was added to it during processing.

2. How Much it Costs to Grow Your Own Cannabis?

The expense of growing weed indoors

Keep in mind that growing marijuana indoors is usually a more expensive option than outdoors.

Growing cannabis indoors will require some expense, but for that money you will definitely get a very good result in terms of product quality. On average, if you count the price of equipment and electricity, the cost of growing weed indoors will be between $500 and $5000+.

Of course, the price tag will vary depending on the amount of weed you want to grow: it includes the price of the equipment, as well as the cost of electricity.

The expense of growing weed outdoors

On the other hand, if you have the possibility to grow cannabis outside, you do not have to worry about large costs for electricity, or equipment.

But it's not all good: you have to face such unpleasant things as harmful bugs, diseases and weather changes anyway.

If you can grow cannabis outdoors or don't want to spend money on it, it's a great option, but it will still require more effort and attention to grow.

But, as you've already figured out, this will save you good money: your plantation will cost $200 to $2,000+, depending on its size.

3. How Much Marijuana Can I Yield Per Plant?

How Much Will I Get From Growing Weed Indoors

Of course you are interested in future weed plants yield. In general, it is safe to say that when growing indoors, the size of your cannabis plants will depend on the size of your garden.

You can find out how many grams per plant you can potentially get in two ways. The easiest way to find plants yield is to calculate the yield per plant. Number depends on the size of each plant, so on average you should expect to get between 200 and 450 grams.

The second method is to count meters per square meter, for example, on a square meter you have 8 bushes. Using this method, you can roughly expect a harvest of 400-500 grams

How Much Will I Get From Growing Weed Outdoors

If you grow weed outdoors, and you do it right, using guide to growing, you can expect quite high plants growth.

Cannabis, which has a lot of room to grow, can reach really big sizes. On average, if growing outdoors, a good harvest will bring its owner between 450 and 1000 grams from each plant.

4. What Do Marijuana Plants Need?

Cannabis is a living being.

Cannabis plants need to get everything they need to grow well and produce good yields. There is nothing difficult about this, they just need proper temperature, required nutrients, water, light and air.


Normally marijuana feels great in a temperature range of 72-84°F. But some types are more responsive to other temperatures, so keep that in mind.


Just like any other plant, cannabis plants require proper amounts of nutrients for good growth. The quality and quantity of your harvest depends on their supply, so it is your responsibility to take care of it if you want to get a good yield.

Water and Moisture

Marijuana plants need water just like any other plant because liquid helps distribute all necessary nutrients through a plant. In addition, water helps with photosynthesis and assists with maintaining a plant's structure.

Also, cannabis plants need a 40-45% humidity regime. As this plant evaporates extra water through its leaves, it can further obtain the substances it needs from your system or from the soil.


Cannabis plants require a sufficient amount of light to enable photosynthesis. Also cannabis is photoperiodic, which means that its growth is directly related to the amount of light it receives. A good amount of lighting will allow grow marijuana quickly and it will produce good flowers.

Air circulation

Marijuana plants require good air circulation for two reasons. If the plants grow close together, their humidity level rises up, and there can be problems: pests, or bacterial and fungal diseases. In addition, good air circulation will strengthen your plants.


To convert light energy into energy, plant needs not only water, but also carbon dioxide. Cannabis plants also need CO2 because it helps them to photosynthesize.


Cannabis plants need a medium to support their root system, because it is responsible for delivering nutrients, water and air to roots. Organic soil, hydroponic system water, coconut coir or rock wool cubes can be considered a good medium.

5. What are cannabis seeds?

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Female cannabis plants are the perfect choice for those who are just getting into this hobby. Thanks to breeding, you can purchase feminized seeds and grow female marijuana plants.

We advise you to start with feminized cannabis seeds so you won't waste too much time, and you won't have any issues with male plant.

From just 7-12 weeks you can have your plant in full bloom once you've planted feminized seeds.
Since almost all varieties of cannabis are available in this form, you will have no problem finding an excellent selection of feminized sativa, indica and other popular sorts of seeds.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Another great option for beginners is the genetically engineered cannabis which doesn't depend on the seasons.

Whether it's spring or winter, autoflowering cannabis seeds grow quickly and are excellent for people who don't have a lot of room to grow, as they don't usually have very large plants.

Another plus for beginners is that autoflowering sorts can usually be bought as feminized cannabis seeds. We can safely say that this is the best choice for those who have decided to try growing cannabis on their own in their apartment. These seeds also grow fast, and bloom at 7-12 weeks of age.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds can produce both male and feminized cannabis plants. These seeds are not recommended for beginners because they grow plants of both genders, which can make them difficult to grow altogether.

If you already have some experience with growing cannabis or if you are a professional, you can try regular seeds. When compared to feminized or autoflowering cannabis seeds, regular cannabis seeds require a lot more resources.

These seeds can be indica seeds, sativa seeds or hybrids and take anywhere from 7 to 12 weeks to flower, depending on their type.


Cannabis Indica is a shorter, more dense bush, typically less than two meters tall. It usually has a considerable amount of all three components.
Indica usually has more physically oriented effects compared to Sativa: it causes a relaxed feeling, red eyes, dried mouth and an improvement of body sensations.


Cannabis Sativa is a quite high plant, distinguished from other species by its lighter green color, with narrow and extended leaves. Sativa sorts cause an energy, mental and uplifting effect, typically accompanied by appetite especially for sweets.

Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that has gained immense popularity among cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients alike.

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We're talking about your country's cannabis laws. How to buy cannabis seeds with delivery to your country in original or hidden packaging. The best seed banks and online cannabis stores. Tips for growing and climate features. Get a high yield of cannabis with the help of the Weed Growers knowledge base.

Growing Marijuana: A Beginner's Guide

At WEEDKB, we believe that growing high-yielding and potent marijuana is easy with the right cannabis seeds. Good genetics are the key to success, and we offer a wide selection of cannabis seeds for sale. Our website's blog also features dozens of articles on growing that will help you become a master grower in no time.

When starting out, it's important to consider the number of seeds you will need to purchase. While one viable seed can produce a successful grow, we recommend purchasing an extra seed for each one you plan to bring to harvest. This will ensure that you have a backup in case of any issues. Additionally, our suppliers offer a germination guarantee of close to 100%, and our Quality Control team is available for reimbursement if needed.

Before purchasing cannabis seeds, it's important to check the laws in your area regarding cultivation and possession. Some countries prohibit the sale or germination of cannabis seeds, so it's essential to understand the regulations in your area. If you're unsure, WEEDKB's team is available to help.

When it comes to cultivation, both indoor and outdoor methods can produce outstanding results. The key is choosing the right strain. Indoor cultivation can be successful with any ganja strain, but outdoor cultivation may be more limited depending on your climate. For example, regions with a warm and sunny climate can successfully grow almost all Indicas and hybrids, while regions with less favorable climate conditions may need to choose a faster version or autoflower strain.

When selecting a strain, it's important to consider the type of high you want. Indicas create a relaxed, stony feeling with a strong body buzz, sativas make you energetic and creative, and hybrids offer a combination of the two. It's also important to consider the growth patterns of the different strains, as Sativas tend to be taller and take longer to flower, while Indicas are shorter and have a higher yield potential.

Why You Should Consider Growing Your Own Cannabis

Growing your own cannabis can save you money and provide numerous benefits. Not only is it convenient, but it can also produce high-quality marijuana that you can trust.

Buying cannabis can be an expensive habit, with the average price for a gram of cannabis around $20. However, with a little effort and time, you can significantly reduce your costs by growing your own. By eliminating middlemen and shipping costs, you can produce cannabis that costs as little as $1 per gram.

The initial investment in growing cannabis may seem daunting, but all you need is water, soil, and sunlight. Companies like WEEDKB - Weed Growers Knowledge Base can provide you with the advice and recommendations you need to harvest great marijuana with minimal expenses, whether you're growing in your apartment or house.

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Your Country

In general, possessing and smoking small amounts of marijuana may not result in serious penalties from law enforcement agencies, with fines or short-term restrictions being the typical consequences. However, the legal framework for possession, cultivation, and use of drugs varies from country to country.

Most countries view the cultivation of marijuana as a serious crime. It is important to have knowledge of local laws to avoid unpleasant situations and not violate any laws. Being aware of the potential consequences of various actions can also help you take necessary precautions and avoid law enforcement agencies in a particular country. Moreover, understanding the specific legal framework of a state can optimize cannabis cultivation. For instance, if the punishment for growing one plant is the same as growing 10 plants, there's no benefit in minimizing your garden.

Countries with severe restrictions on marijuana also tend to have high prices for cannabis seeds, and competition is usually insignificant. As a result, growing cannabis at home can potentially yield a good income. However, it's important not to forget about the risks. While certain plants are considered drugs when grown outdoors, they can often be found in medicines, and various cannabis varieties are regularly used for medical purposes.

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