Buy Cannabis Seeds in Thailand

The Legality Of Purchasing Cannabis Seeds In Thailand

Thailand is a place that is known all over the world. It is famous not only for its resorts and beautiful landscapes. Hemp seeds are also actively grown in Thailand. However, the worldwide ban on cannabis has also left its mark on Thailand. However, the government is looking ahead, so the laws regarding the cultivation and possession of marijuana seeds are changing. All readers can learn about the features of the modern cultivation of hemp seeds and their storage at home from this article.

  • Marijuana is legal in Thailand for medical purposes.
  • Purchasing cannabis seeds from online seed banks is legal in Thailand.
  • Growing cannabis seeds in Thailand is legal.
  • Previously, hemp was decriminalized.

As can be seen, the legal framework in Thailand promotes the free cultivation of cannabis at home. However, everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, the following information will help each reader to understand all the intricacies and features of growing and storing hemp seeds at home for the people of Thailand.

Features of sprouting cannabis seeds in Thailand

Thailand is a place with a tropical climate. The weather is hot, in winter you can observe rainy weather. These climatic features should be considered when germinating cannabis seeds at home. Knowledge of all the features and rules will help to germinate canna seeds for sale correctly and effectively and get the maximum yield from the plant.

Growing cannabis seeds outdoors requires choosing the right time of the year when the weather is favorable for growing weeds and getting a good, quality crop. Based on weather conditions and the temperature that is observed in Thailand throughout the year, the best time to germinate cannabis seeds is considered to be from November to December.

In Thailand, you can observe dry weather from November to February. There is practically no rain during this time. Depending on the place of residence of a person, the temperature at night can drop in different ways. So the coolest nights can be observed in mountainous areas (Chiang Mai). With the advent of May, the rainy season begins in Thailand. It is necessary to time the planting of cannabis seeds in such a way as to have time to harvest the crop before this time. Wet hemp loses a certain percentage of its properties, so the crop will no longer be of such high quality – this must be remembered. If you decide to grow weed seeds indoors, then adjusting to the weather and planting cannabis seeds at a certain time of the year is not necessary. It is enough just to create all favorable conditions for growing weeds. Germination of seeds can be done all year round in this case.

Effective Tips For Growing Cannabis In Thailand

Below, readers will be able to learn some spectacular tips that will help you properly grow weed seeds in Thailand, taking into account the characteristics of the individual climate. They will help clean up a good and big harvest.

The first thing that depends on getting a good harvest is the purchase of high-quality hemp seeds. You should spend a little time choosing a really reliable and trusted online seed bank that delivers goods to Thailand. A trusted online store guarantees its customers:

  • a large assortment of goods;
  • only the best cannabis strains;
  • fast and safe delivery;
  • guarantee a good harvest.

A large catalog of goods will allow a potential buyer to decide the version of the strain that he considers more suitable for himself, and will not get by with small offers.

Selecting a reliable online cannabis seed store is not difficult. The vastness of the Internet will help in this matter, and customer reviews will help make sure that the online bank really delivers to Thailand, provides quality service, fast delivery, and a good product.

Yes, there are local seed banks in many countries today. However, online shopping is more efficient and convenient. Because you can get your goods directly to your home. As a rule, online banks have a wider and more diverse catalog of goods, and prices are always more pleasant. Such features allow everyone to purchase the desired variety of cannabis seeds.

When a person decides that he wants to grow cannabis seeds in Thailand, the first thing he should worry about is studying the range of all possible strains and cultivation features. This will allow you to select hemp varieties that are perfect for growing in the climatic conditions of Thailand. This is especially important if you plan to grow cannabis seeds outdoors.

Thailand has high humidity. Such weather conditions are suitable for each variety of cannabis. To avoid rotting the plant’s cones. It is necessary to choose those weed strains that are resistant to such weather conditions. It is also significant to consider the characteristics and location of marijuana cultivation. If you have arranged and created the necessary conditions indoors, then, in this case, you should give preference to a negative dominant strain.

Another great parameter is the place preparation where the hemp seeds will be planted. It is momentous to think in advance about arranging a garden for growing marijuana. It must meet all the necessary conditions, and look like a place where the seeds will receive comfortable conditions for growth.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online In Thailand

Where I can buy cannabis seeds? Residents of Thailand can observe the presence of regulatory uncertainty and instability. Therefore, purchasing cannabis seeds from local seed banks is not a good idea. Your best bet is to purchase cannabis seeds from online seed banks that deliver the purchased item to Thailand.

Today there are two proven online stores. They have been working for many years during the provision of services. They managed to achieve significant success and a stable reputation. These online seed banks include:

These two marijuana seed banks provide fast and discreet shipping. All the proposed cannabis strains on the sites are of high quality. A wide variety of proposed seeds will allow each person to choose the version of the cannabis variety that will meet individual requirements and is perfect for growing in specific climatic conditions. These online stores offer customer support services. Experts will help you choose the right variety according to the climate of Thailand.

Top Cannabis Seeds For Thailand: What To Choose?

Earlier it was already written in the article that not every variety of cannabis can be suitable for planting and growing in certain weather conditions. Therefore, it is so important to read the characteristics of a particular strain of cannabis before purchasing seeds or arranging the delivery of goods. Cannabis cultivation in Thailand is no exception in choosing suitable varieties that are not afraid of those climate features and can produce a good harvest.

Cannabis strains suitable for cultivation in Thailand include:

Let’s take a closer look at each cannabis variety below. Detailed information will allow you to understand the subtleties of the variety and the features of caring for the plant to obtain a quality crop.

Amnesia Haze (RQS)

If you are looking for a great quality cannabis strain that is suitable for growing in Thailand’s climate? In this case, you should Amnesia Haze pay attention to the cannabis variety.

Thailand’s climatic conditions are perfect for people to grow the Amnesia Haze strain efficiently, simply, and with high quality. This strain grows well and produces good yields in humid climates, which can actually be observed in Thailand. Growing weeds in the open air can be called especially effective. This strain can produce not only many fruits. But also buds with a potent resin. Harvest pleasure is guaranteed for every grower. Amnesia Haze is a cannabis variety with a fairly long flowering period. This is another indication that this strain is a great fit for growing in Thailand.

Bruce Banner #3 (Herbies Seeds)

Another feminized cannabis strain that would make a great strain to grow in Thailand is Bruce Banner #3. This is a great option for those looking for powerful marijuana strains.

This seed variety is excellent for indoor and outdoor growing. It gives a large and high-quality harvest. There are not just a lot of cones on the plant. They are maximally filled with all the necessary enzymes and properties. That can give an unforgettable sensation when smoking.

Bruce Banner #3 is a variety that is not afraid of mold. This strain has a high growth rate and blooms quickly. As early as eight weeks after planting, you should be able to find firm buds on the plants that are ready to be harvested and smoked. It is precise because of such a fast ripening time that the Bruce Banner Feminized strain is perfect for growing in Thailand.

Dos Si Dos 33 (Barney’s Farm)

Dos Si Dos 33 is one of the best cannabis varieties to grow in Thailand. He is not afraid of mold and resists it quite well. A high growth rate allows you to get high-quality fruits in a minimum period.

This seed variety is excellent for indoor and outdoor cultivation. High humidity does not affect the quality of the crop, since the plants are not affected by a large accumulation of moisture. Many people choose this variety of marijuana for cultivation in Thailand also because it can produce large yields.

Current Cannabis Laws In Thailand: Features

Thailand has come a fairly long way and has gone from a complete ban on cannabis to its decriminalization in the country. Further, the article will talk about the features of the current legislative framework in Thailand. As about the situation before and possible forecasts for the future.

Origin of Cannabis In Thailand

No one can say the exact time when hemp cultivation began in Thailand. However, there is evidence that makes it possible to understand that marijuana was brought to Thailand from India. This fact is explained by the fact that hemp in Thai sounds like “ganja”. Ever since marijuana was introduced to Thailand, it has become an integral part of it.

Also in the ancient scriptures of Thailand, you can find references to hemp. It talks about marijuana as a medicinal plant that can relieve severe pain in humans.

Cannabis Bans In Thailand

Thailand decided to join the big world in the 19030s. It was then that the marijuana prohibition law was passed, as was observed in those days throughout the civilized world. This somewhat stunned the locals, because they used this plant for many years, and it became part of their life. However, it is worth noting that the order bans at the legislative level did not prevent local residents from continuing to grow marijuana at home for further consumption which was announced and enacted in the 1930s in Thailand.

Legalization Of Medical Marijuana

The Thai Parliament voted to legalize medical cannabis in 2018. Thus, the vote on the legalization of medical cannabis made significant changes to the law of Thailand, which has not changed since 1979.

The new law calls for domestic marijuana cultivation of medical marijuana, up to a maximum of six plants.

Medical Cannabis In Thailand: How To Get It?

Access to medical marijuana is restricted to those residents of Thailand who meet certain criteria. There is a government website in Thailand where you can get acquainted with the list of criteria that a person must meet to obtain permission to grow medical cannabis.

Decriminalization of marijuana in Thailand: features

2021 has become a memorable year for the people of Thailand due to some laws that have been passed by the current parliament. So it was this year that the government voted to decriminalize cannabis.

According to this vote, cannabis was removed from the list of drugs, which made it more accessible to the people of Thailand. However, cannabis still remains on the list of controlled substances that were created in 1930. Therefore, hemp still remains illegal in all its forms.

The Legality Of Hemp Seeds In Thailand

If you doubt the legality of buy cannabis seeds in Thailand, don’t. They are legal. Under the cannabis decriminalization bill, all varieties of marijuana are no longer on the list of controlled substances, so everyone can grow cannabis seeds at home.

However, there are practically no local seed banks in Thailand. Therefore, it is quite difficult to purchase good marijuana seeds for growing at home at the place of residence. However, there is still a way out of the situation. People can use online seed banks that deliver the purchased product to Thailand. MSNL and Herbies are the best online cannabis seed banks. They offer a large catalog of quality cannabis varieties and provide fast and safe delivery of the purchased product to Thailand.