Buy Cannabis Seeds in United States

Buy Cannabis Seeds in United States

Marijuana Seeds in the USA: Buying Features

Residents of the United States of America are seeing rapid changes in cannabis laws. Elections prevented drug laws from being changed at the federal level in 2016. However, individual states supported some reforms. Some changes have been made to allow and legalize cannabis for medical purposes. Some states have passed laws allowing you to grow canna seeds for sale USA at home for recreational purposes.

Changes in Canadian federal laws should favorably influence the US’s more liberal attitude towards growing marijuana at home. However, so far such changes can only be observed at the level of certain states.

In this article, readers will be able to learn about the details and features of purchasing cannabis seeds in the United States, the legal aspects of growing cannabis seeds at home, the features of storing and using cannabis, and much more.

US States Where it is Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds

Different states in the US have established their laws regarding recreational and medical cannabis. Especially these differences can be observed with marijuana seeds.

There are some states where cannabis seeds are legal for both recreational and medical purposes. Along with this, you can find states where the purchase of cannabis seeds and their cultivation at home is allowed only if the person has the appropriate permission from a doctor.

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Based on these features, we can conclude: in all US states there are individual laws that, to one degree or another, allow the cultivation of marijuana seeds, or vice versa – such actions are controlled by law and punished.

You will be surprised how many states in the US allow their residents to grow marijuana seeds at home. At the same time, it is allowed to buy seeds online in local seed banks and online stores. Cultivation is available for both medical use and entertainment. However, at the federal level, cannabis is a prohibited drug in all areas.

As you can see, despite general prohibitions by federal law, local governments are making changes in one way or another that allow residents of certain states to legally grow marijuana seeds for medical and recreational purposes.

Recreational and Medical Marijuana Is Legal In:

Alaska Maine New York
Arizona Massachusetts
Northern Mariana Islands
California Michigan Oregon
Colorado Montana
The District of Columbia
Connecticut Nevada Vermont
Guam New Jersey Washington
Illinois New Mexico

States That Have Legalized Medical, but Not Recreational, Marijuana Are:

Alabama Maryland Rhode Island
Arkansas Minnesota South Carolina
Delaware Missouri South Dakota
Florida New Hampshire Tennessee
Georgia North Carolina Texas
Hawaii North Dakota
United States Virgin Islands
Indiana Ohio Utah
Iowa Oklahoma Virginia
Kentucky Pennsylvania West Virginia
Louisiana Puerto Rico  

States That Have Complete Marijuana Prohibition Are:

Idaho Mississippi Wisconsin
Kansas Nebraska Wyoming

Features of Growing Cannabis Seeds in the United States of America

Residents of some states can purchase marijuana seeds from a local bank or online store and then start growing weed seeds. Such permission is legally available, provided the person resides in a cannabis-friendly state.

However, there are some features and obstacles that should be considered. For example, it is important to know which varieties of cannabis seeds are suitable for growing in your area. Climatic conditions are significant for a good cannabis harvest. The poem is essential to carefully study the various strains and choose the perfect option.

Cannabis Seed Germination in the USA: When is the Best Time?

You should not only decide on quality marijuana seeds. But also know the comfortable time for planting them. The United States of America is a large territory, and each state has its climatic features. They will influence the successful germination period of marijuana seeds.

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Favorable periods for germinating cannabis seeds in the USA can be divided into two types:

  • March-April – this period is suitable for those regions where there is a warmer climate. This type is suitable for California and other states with similar climates.
  • April-May – this period is suitable for those regions where there is a cooler climate. This type is suitable for Minnesota and other states with similar climates.

Determining the right time to plant cannabis seeds is quite simple. Hemp seeds can be planted as soon as the danger of frost and cool weather has passed. Purchasing cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank or online retailer results in a high germination rate and a good harvest while providing comfortable growing conditions.

The climate of each state is one of the main factors that affect the restrictions on the purchase of a certain variety of cannabis, followed by planting and germination.

Important Tips for Growing Marijuana in the USA

In the following, readers will be able to learn some important tips to help you successfully germinate marijuana seeds in the United States of America and get high yields. You can purchase cannabis seeds from local seed banks or specialized online retailers.

One of the critical factors for successful cannabis cultivation is the purchase of quality seeds in a reliable seed bank or online store.

A person provides a happy guarantee by purchasing marijuana seeds in a trusted bank from me:

  • High germination rates.
  • Active growth of weeds.
  • High yields.
  • Tested seed strains.

Such features allow a person to be sure of a good result.

Indoor Marijuana Growing in the United States: Tips and Techniques

One of the significant factors that people who want to successfully grow cannabis at home should follow is to purchase a variety of cannabis seeds that is suitable for sprouting in your area. Summer in warm regions is long, but excessive heat can be observed. Due to strong sunlight, weed plants can get slight burns, which negatively affects the crop. The colder states of America are accompanied by a short summer – in this case, only fast-growing varieties are suitable for germinating cannabis seeds.

You can get rid of the more careful selection of cannabis seeds if you grow them indoors. But not everyone can provide such conditions. Climatic features are influential to consider when growing cannabis seeds outdoors.

Our guidelines for selecting specific outdoor cannabis varieties will help readers select the best seeds for each high-yielding state.

Outdoor Marijuana Growing in the United States: Best Practices and Challenges

Pre-planning a garden for growing marijuana seeds is another indispensable factor influencing the yield of weeds. You can write a list of things to do on a piece of paper and then cross off the items as you complete them. This approach will prepare the garden for growing cannabis seeds perfectly.

Next, a list layout will be presented that will allow you to ensure a high yield of weeds. This list looks like this:

  • Determine the region’s climatic conditions.
  • Selecting the right variety of cannabis seeds for the climate.
  • Purchasing cannabis seeds from trusted sites.
  • The layout of a room or plot for growing cannabis.
  • Growth control and timely harvest.

Top Marijuana Seed Shops for US Residents

United States federal law prohibits the cultivation and possession of cannabis. However, regional authorities to some extent allow the cultivation of cannabis seeds at home for medical purposes and even for entertainment.

There are cannabis seed banks. However, the best option remains the trusted and reliable online stores with a large assortment of the best varieties and strains of cannabis seeds with delivery in the USA.

Where I can buy seeds? I single out the two best online stores that provide their customers with a wide range of quality products, affordable prices, fast delivery, and convenient payment methods for goods. These online stores include:

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Herbies Seeds.This online store offers the best cannabis seeds to customers. Herbies Seeds is headquartered in Spain. It has reliable suppliers of the best varieties of weed at affordable prices. The site has a high-quality and professional technical support service. She helps clients to choose the best varieties of cannabis, taking into account their climatic characteristics and individual wishes. There are many methods for paying for an order. Visitors can pay for orders with debit and credit cards, make bank transfers, and pay in cash. Herbies Seeds is one of the most popular online cannabis seed retailers in the US.


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Herbies USA Express – the ultimate solution for your seed needs in the USA. Designed with the customer in mind, Herbies USA Express promises quick and reliable delivery within 48-72 hours. With a carefully curated selection of seeds suited for growing in the USA and a team of experienced American breeders, you can expect only the highest quality of seeds.Enjoy a double guarantee on both the delivery and quality of the seeds, as well as top-notch customer service from a dedicated support team. With fast delivery to all 50 US states and Washington, DC, Herbies USA Express is the perfect choice for your seed needs.


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ILGM Seed Bank. This is a breeder and shop for cannabis seeds. He secretly delivers orders to the United States. The online store offers customers the best hemp varieties that are suitable for growing in different climatic conditions. Customers are offered quality service and the ability to pay for goods in different ways.

These are the two best online cannabis seed stores in the United States of America.

Top Cannabis Strains for USA: Which Strains are Best?

In this article, you will learn about the peculiarities of the climate of the United States of America, as well as which varieties of cannabis are best suited for growing in such conditions and give the best harvest. We will give practical advice on growing cannabis seeds that can turn the growing season into a real harvest year.

The best varieties in USA:

Grandmommy Purple (Herbies Seeds)

Grandmommy Purple. This is an excellent strain of marijuana that is a reliable supplier of medicinal buds. The average yield of this variety is 500 g/m2. Growing this variety indoors can increase yields by up to 550 grams. The variety was created to provide people with warm waves of euphoria, to ensure relaxation and a good mood in the company of friends.

Apple Betty (Herbies Seeds)

Apple Betty A quality cannabis variety that is perfect for growing in US. This variety can give a good harvest – 2600 grams per plant. Such a result can be obtained in just 65 days of flowering plants. The variety will give a person an unforgettable feeling of lightness and freedom.

What to Expect When Buying Cannabis Seeds in Stores in Different States?

Alaska allows its residents to borrow up to one ounce of marijuana at home, as well as buy cannabis seeds in seed banks. Oregon allows you to carry up to one ounce of marijuana. You can store up to eight ounces of marijuana at home, and you can also buy unlimited cannabis seeds from seed banks.

You need to check the current cannabis laws of individual states before traveling with cannabis seeds. States that allow possession of cannabis are allowed to move around the territory, provided that the cannabis seeds were purchased from a local bank and have the original packaging.

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State laws strictly prohibit driving after smoking cannabis. If the police catch a person driving under the influence of drugs, then he will be in big trouble.

It is against the law to export marijuana seeds and flowers outside the state. You should read about the cannabis laws of the state where you plan to travel. This will allow you to avoid breaking the law while traveling.

Buying and Growing Recreational Cannabis Seeds in US

Different laws about growing weed and buying cannabis seeds apply throughout the United States. Federal law prohibits the purchase of cannabis seeds, but in various states of America, cannabis can be liberalized by local authorities.

Different states have storage, distribution, and cultivation of marijuana seeds. In Colombia, residents over the age of 21 can grow up to six weed plants. For household purposes, this figure increases to 2 pieces. Transfer of up to one ounce of herb to another person is available. But the sale of marijuana is prohibited in the county.

Oregon allows its residents to grow up to four plants for recreational purposes. Fees are paid for the cultivation of cannabis, and the smell from the plant must be controlled. The unlicensed sale of marijuana is prohibited in the county.

Alaska allows its residents to grow up to six weed plants, provided that only three plants bloom at a time. Any transfer of marijuana to others is allowed up to one ounce, but sale is prohibited.

Buying US Medical Marijuana Seeds in Seed Banks 2023: Legal Analysis

Patients should carefully study the medical marijuana seed laws in America. Each state imposes its restrictions. Here are some examples:

  • New Jersey. A law regulating medical cannabis was passed in the state in 2010. Here, residents can grow up to 10 plants and have no more than three ounces of weed fit for consumption.
  • Residents of this state may grow no more than four plants at a time and produce no more than five ounces of grass in a month.
  • This state law allows patients to keep up to six ounces of the herb fit for consumption.
  • New Hampshire. Residents of this region can store no more than two ounces of marijuana, which is given for medical use for ten days.

Other states also offer options and allow a certain amount of cannabis for home storage and consumption.

How Can the United States of America Accept Cannabis Seeds in Seed Banks Soon?

Residents of the United States of America can observe the constant change in cannabis laws at the regional level. So often people debate about which state will be next to modernize the marijuana program. The legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes is helping to end stigma in many states. However, the laws are moving towards liberal views in the country rather slowly. This can be explained by the long demonization of cannabis in America.

Federal Changes to U.S. Cannabis Laws: Then and Now

The US federal government first regulated marijuana law in 1937. According to the legislation of that time, the possession and sale of marijuana were strictly prohibited. The Controlled Substances Act created categories of drugs based on their level of human exposure 1952.

Different states had individual attitudes towards cannabis for medical purposes. However, at the federal level, cannabis in any form and for any purpose remains a prohibited substance.

A Bright Future for Cannabis, Marijuana Seeds, and US Seed Banks

U.S. federal law prohibits the purchase, cultivation, possession, and use of cannabis for any purpose. People continue to be arrested, and fined even now, despite the liberal attitude of individual districts towards cannabis.

However, Biden’s leadership of the United States offers an opportunity and a real chance of improving the basic US cannabis law. Perhaps shortly, there will be the legalization of cannabis in seed banks for cultivation.

Many states have already legalized the cultivation and possession of marijuana in certain doses. Perhaps soon, the number of such states will increase. This will allow residents of different states to grow and store cannabis legally.