Cannabis Problems

Leaves are the first to tell you that there’s something wrong with your weed plant. From their color to their shape to various spots, leaf issues are also hard to miss. So, cannabis leaf disease identification is a powerful tool. At the same time, it's a very difficult one to master. After all, leaf symptoms may point to issues as diverse as wrong environment, overfeeding & overwatering, and even root rot!

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Cannabis Problems

The posts in this category all deal with cannabis plant problems and tell you how these problems result in distinct leaf signs and symptoms. We’ve gone to great lengths to be as specific as possible and use a lot of pictures of pot plants in real-life settings. And we hope they’ll help make diagnosing marijuana problems a second nature to you.

And here’s a quick Top 8 List of cannabis plant leaf symptoms that you’re most likely to encounter:

  1. Seedling leaves become yellow, especially at the edges – Probably light burn – Raise the light.
  2. Leaves claw and sometimes yellow – Overwatering – Let the medium dry out.
  3. Fan leaves have brown spots, get distorted, and dry out – Calcium deficiency – Use calcium supplement, check pH, make sure it’s not too hot.
  4. Leaves have lots of tiny dots or shiny spots – Pests, such as spider mites or thrips – Learn how to kill them.
  5. Yellow lower leaves with green veins – Magnesium deficiency – Use Epsom salts or other Mg supplement.
  6. Lower leaves uniformly yellow and lifeless – Nitrogen deficiency – Normal at the end of the life cycle.
  7. Leaves dark-green with bronze splotches and red petioles – Phosphorus deficiency – Use P-rich plant food.
  8. Leaves have burnt tips – Probably overfeeding – Feed less or alternate with fresh water.