Colloidal Silver Spray For Plants: Let’s Make a Generator in 10 Min.

In this post, we give you simple and straightforward DIY instructions for a cheap colloidal silver generator (with pictures)

colloidal silver generator make your own

In this post, I’m going to teach you how to obtain a colloidal silver spray for plants using a homemade colloidal silver generator. You can assemble one with nothing but a knife and a pair of pliers. You won’t need fancy circuit diagrams, plans, or schematics because it’s just a matter of buying a few supplies in a local store, connecting them to each other, and then following our simple colloidal silver recipe.

But first let’s see why we use colloidal silver for weed plants.

Using Colloidal Silver for Weed: A Breakthrough Technology Available to Anyone

In the 1990s, cannabis breeders came up with a method of producing feminized seeds by making fem plants produce male pollen sacks. At first, the technology was unbelievably crude by today’s standards: weed plants were stressed to the point where they began to ‘hermie’ and make pollen. Of course, the seeds grown this way were also prone to become hermaphrodites (which is a nightmare for a marijuana grower).

But breeders kept experimenting and came up with several methods of turning female plants into male which didn’t involve so much stress. One of these techniques is feminizing seeds with a colloidal silver spray.

Obviously, a spray is something that you can buy online. Or, alternatively, you can buy a colloidal silver generator and make your own colloidal silver solution of premium quality whenever you like. Better still, read our instructions, and in a few hours you’ll have a colloidal silver maker that is perfectly suitable for preparing a colloidal silver fem seed spray.

Colloidal Silver Generator: 9 Volt Battery Version

Parts, Supplies, and Tools

  • A small container with a cap (I used a urine container form a drugstore)
  • A 9V battery
  • A battery connector with wires
  • 2 alligator clips
  • 2 pieces of 999 silver
  • A knife (to strip wires and cut off molten plastic)
  • A pair of pliers (to hold alligator clips while heating them)
  • A tea kettle and a cooking pot (to distill water)
  • A TDS meter (optional)

portable colloidal silver generator kit with water

How to Make a Battery Operated Colloidal Silver Generator

Take one of the alligator clips, hold it with a pair of pliers above a gas burner and then melt two holes in the cap of the container. When the plastic cools down, cut off any burrs with a knife.

make holes in the cap

Now you can easily insert and secure the clips in these holes and clamp your pieces of silver with them.

99 9 colloidal silver plates

Using the knife, strip the ends of wires and connect them to the clips. I didn’t even have to use a soldering iron. The only thing left is to connect the 9V battery. Now, our low voltage colloidal silver generator is ready for use.

colloidal silver generator make your own

I promised you that it all will take no more than 10 minutes. In fact, it took even less!

Making Distilled Water

Now comes the most time consuming part – making distilled water. According to weed forums, it’s really absolutely necessary to use distilled water and 999 silver. This will ensure that your colloidal silver liquid is pure and of the best quality.

No pictures are necessary here. Just fill the kettle with water and make it boil. Then place the cooking pot filled with cold water above the spout and at an angle. This way the drops of water condensing on the bottom can slide down the slope and drip into the container. With a rate of a drop a second, I filled my container in 10 minutes or so.

Attention! After a while, the cooking pot and the cold water inside it will warm up and the drops will be far and between. You will need to change the water in the pot several times or use ice from the freezer (as I did).

You’ll need to fill your container to such a level that, with the cap closed, the ends of silver plates are immersed, but the clips are not. The clips SHOULD NOT touch the surface!

Measuring TDS of Colloidal Silver (Optional)

I’ll make one more (optional) step to make sure that the water is really distilled. My TDS meter shows just 2 parts per million. It’s practically medical grade quality!

distilled water 002 ppm

Now let’s connect the battery. Our constant current colloidal silver generator begins operation, making colloidal silver water.

colloidal silver generator machine

Colloidal Silver Spray for Plants: Optimal Concentration

I don’t know of any experiments that show which concentration is best for a feminized spray. People in forums say that to achieve the necessary colloidal silver ppm for weed it’s best to leave your colloidal silver home generator working overnight. Indeed, when I measured the concentration of the solution in the morning, it was 42 PPM. I expected the liquid to be clear or maybe have a yellow color, but it was like a strong tea.

colloidal silver kit produced strong solution overnight

The 999 silver plates turned dark on the surface.

9999 silver tokens

In later experiments, I kept my colloidal silver maker machine running for fewer hours to make the solution just a bit yellow – like weak tea. So here’s my advice: if your colloidal silver water looks like tea, it’s strong enough for feminizing seeds. And if you have a TDS meter, make sure you achieve at least 20 ppm, and you’re good to go.

Colloidal Silver Spray for Plants in Action

And now look at our colloidal silver mist in action and the resulting bunches of male flowers that are full of pollen.

colloidal silver mist

colloidal silver caused male bananas

I’ve described the way colloidal silver spray can be used on weed plants in a separate article.


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