Autoflower Outdoor Nutrients: Specific, Generic & Homemade

28 February 2021

Growing marijuana outdoors can be as simple as putting seeds or seedlings into the ground and only coming back for the harvest. Nevertheless, using autoflower outdoor nutrients can turn even an average producer into a xxl strain. We’ll show you what nutrients to feed your autoflower plants outdoors.

Often, it’s Best to Go Organic

We personally have achieved great results by simply growing autoflowers next to tomatoes and giving both the same treatment.

If the soil is rich enough for a regular vegetable garden, just amend it with some organic supplements, like wood ash, a few handfuls of compost from your compost pile, or some composted manure. Then, throughout the season, just add grass clippings or heaps of weeds. They will serve as both the mulch and the source of nutrients that will slowly seep into the ground.

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You can further increase the availability of organic nutrients to your autoflower plants by inoculating the soil with beneficial microbes. There are lots of inoculants on the market today. These ones are most often used for cannabis:

  • Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice – 5 billion beneficial bacteria in every liter,
  • Advanced Nutrients Tarantula – 10 million viable beneficial bacteria per gram,
  • Advanced Nutrients Piranha – a special combination of ecto and endo mycorrhizae,
  • Bush Doctor Microbe Brew – concentrated fungi and bacteria + nutrients.

You Can Use Cheap Generic Nutes

Nothing is easier than going to the nearest gardening center and buying a bottle of nutrients that was designed for other crops, but can as well serve an autoflower grower.

As always, make sure that for the vegetative growth you use a fertilizer that contains more N (nitrogen) than P (phosphorus) and K (potassium). And when your cannabis starts to flower, switch to a fertilizer that shows more P and K in its N-P-K numbers. Read the instructions on the label carefully and try not to give your autoflowers more than ¼ to ½ of what’s recommended. Hungry weed is always healthier than overfed weed.

If there’s a choice between organic and synthetic nutrients, we suggest that you choose organic ones. This way it’s easier to avoid overfeeding and nutrient burn, and the smoke will be cleaner, healthier, and more flavorful.

Autoflower Outdoor Nutrients Specifically Designed for Cannabis

Today, there is a big, thriving, and rapidly growing industry that caters to weed growers. So there are many exciting and even miraculous products on the market. Let’s look at some of them.

Fox Farm Nutrients

FoxFarm produces a wide range of products for different crops. Some of them are quite effective as autoflower outdoor nutrients. It’s arguably more convenient to choose some of their dry fertilizers for an outdoor grow, including slow-release formulas. Another good option would be soluble products because they are cheaper than liquid ones.

Here are three examples:

  • Marine Cuisine (NPK – 10-7-7) is a slow-release organic nutrient; it’s a mix of sea plants that you’ll only have to apply once at the beginning of the season.
  • Open Sesame (NPK – 5-45-19) is a high-phosphorus fertilizer that will stimulate the formation of flowers at the start of the budding stage.
  • Beastie Bloomz (NPK – 0-50-30) contains high amounts of phosphorus and potassium which will boost the swelling of your buds.

Buy Gelato Auto (FastBuds)

Fox Farm’s Open Sesame & Beastie Bloomz: Both worked well. I misjudged how long my plant was gonna flower for so I didnt get to use these at the exact moments I had wanted to but everything turned out beautiful.

Earth Juice’s Bloom Original Formula & Catalyst: I added this at the end in hopes to increase potency or resin production but once again I misjudged my plants bloom cycle so it wasn’t as effective as it could have been


Green Buzz Liquids

Green Buzz Liquids offer 100% organic fertilizers which are fine tuned to the needs of cannabis plants at the different stages of their development. You can purchase not only well-balanced formulas of macronutrients (NPK), but also a lot of amendments, boosters, and enhancers.

  • Organic Grow & Bloom (NPK – 4-2-6 and 2-3-4), for veg and flower phases, respectively,
  • Organic More PK (NPK – 4-6-10), to really boost the budding,
  • More Roots, to increase the root mass,
  • Humic Acid Plus, to stimulate nutrient uptake,
  • Fast Buds, for faster transition to flowering,
  • Big Fruits, for up to 25% bigger buds,
  • Living Organics, another great inoculant to make plant food more available and protect cannabis from environmental stress.

organic nutrients for royal bluematic rqs

Green Buzz Liquids: they went along nice with this grow,mutated my buds into hard rock solid ones,as to expect from good nutes


CANNA Nutrients

CANNA make their products specifically for marijuana growers, that’s why any of them can be used as autoflower outdoor nutrients. Even those that are meant for a totally different medium and setup, like an indoor grow on coco coir.

CANNA is what the grower quoted below used (along with many Advanced Nutrients supplements). The fertilizer formula that he chose is CANNA Coco A+B. It consists of two bottles. You add both one after another and together they have the NPK of 5-4-3. Besides, they contain all necessary micronutrients.

glue auto fastbuds with CANNA nutrients

Canna: Easy to use, does what it says on the bottle.

Advanced Nutrients: I have been impressed by the results I have seen with this brand. I may change my base nutrition to the connoisseur range on my next grows.


BioBizz Nutrients

This company is very popular with cannabis growers and for a reason. BioBizz products are reliable and easy to use. The staple of their line are Bio-Grow (nutrients for veg), Bio-Bloom (nutrients for flower), and Top-Max (blooming stimulator). However, for their Outdoor Try-Pack BioBizz have chosen a different set:

  • Bio-Bloom, the perfect ratio of NPK + enzymes & amino acids,
  • Fish-Mix, fish emulsion + Dutch sugar beet extract to feed beneficial bacteria in the root zone,
  • Top-Max, a mix of of humic and fulvic acids.

In the grow cited below, the gardener used another two supplements:

  • Alg-A-Mic, seaweed extracts to prevent or overcome stress,
  • Acti-Vera, an aloe vera extract to make plants stronger and healthier.

BioBizz: Excellent product worth the extra money compared to Flora Series
autoflower outdoor nutrients biobizz


Advanced Nutrients

When looking for autoflower outdoor nutrients, never ever forget about Advanced Nutrients. We have already mentioned their two inoculants—Tarantula and Piranha. But this company offers a very long list of exciting nutrients and supplements. Below are just a few of them:

  • Big Bud, a careful blend of P, K, and amino acids,
  • Bud Factor X, boosts the production of resin and terpenes like no other,
  • Bud Ignitor, for faster onset of flowering and more numerous bud sites,
  • Bud Candy, sugars, aminos, and vitamins for huge and sweet-tasting buds,
  • B-52, a source of vitamin B for stress & heat resistance and better nutrient uptake,
  • Flawless Finish, to flush your buds for cleaner and tastier smoke.

girl scout cookies grown with advanced nutrients

Advanced Nutrients: Maybe I used too much nutrients, next time I will try and find a balance… | Bud Ignitor: Incredible boosting Flawless Finish: From now on i will always use this Advanced Nutrients product. I’m in real love with this one

B.A.C.: I have nothing bad or good to say, just a good nutrient brand.

Atami: It’s a 10. Essential #1, this product has been, is and will be the best.


Autoflower Outdoor Nutrients for Every Budget

An outdoor cannabis grow shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. Odds are that any weedy patch will turn into a great garden and bring you enough bud to live through the winter. But if you decide to spend some money on nutrients, the result can be even better. And we have got you acquainted with a few reputable producers whose products won’t let you down.

And maybe you already have some outdoor growing experience—good or bad—with a specific line of nutrients. Please feel free to share it with your fellow-gardeners in the comments section.